• How to lodge your activity statement

    You can lodge your activity statement:

    • online, using the Business Portal, Standard business reporting (SBR) or Electronic commerce interface (ECI)
    • by phone, if you have nothing to report at any label
    • by mail
    • through a registered tax agent or BAS agent.


    You can lodge electronically using one of the following:

    Most quarterly lodgers who lodge online have an extra two weeks to lodge.

    If you have a registered tax agent or BAS agent who lodges a quarterly activity statement electronically on your behalf, an extra four weeks may be available under the lodgment program.

    These concessional due dates will only be updated online after the activity statement has been lodged electronically.

    Further information

    For more information about qualifying for extra time to lodge, refer to Terms and conditions - two week deferral offer.

    For more information about electronic lodgment refer to:

    Alternatively, you can phone us on 13 28 66.

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    By phone (for 'nil' activity statements only)

    Phone 13 72 26 to lodge monthly or quarterly activity statements with nothing to report at any label. You can call this automated service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    To get started, select the Lodge a nil activity statement option from the self help menu.

    You'll need your Australian business number (ABN) or tax file number and the document ID number from the top right corner of the activity statement you want to lodge.


    You can't use this service if you're varying an instalment amount to nil.

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    By mail

    Mail your original, completed activity statement with your cheque using the pre-addressed envelope provided.

    If you misplace the envelope, you can send your activity statement to:



    Australian Taxation Office
    Locked Bag 1936
    ALBURY  NSW  1936

    Australian Taxation Office
    Locked Bag 1793
    PENRITH  NSW  1793

    Further information

    If you lose or misplace your statement you can either Lodge your activity statement online or obtain a replacement form by phoning 13 28 66 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

    Watch the video: Lodging your business activity statement on time

    You must lodge your activity statement by the due date.

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    It's important that you send your original activity statement, not a copy or a version generated from a commercial software package. If you do use a commercial package, make sure you copy the information onto your original statement.

    When you post your completed activity statement, allow sufficient time for it to arrive by the due date.

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    Activity statements - home

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