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    Answers to frequently asked questions about registering for our online services and online security credentials.

    Dealing with us securely

    If you want to use our online services you'll need either:

    • a secure login (if you're an individual managing your personal tax and super affairs)
    • an AUSkey (if you are running a business or are a tax professional).

    This ensures the security and privacy of your personal information and protection from unauthorised people making transactions on your behalf.

    We use security credentials to establish a secure environment for online transactions. This ensures that your online transactions with us are safe, and lets us know we are interacting with the right person.

    Security credentials are electronic files or software, used for identification purposes when performing transactions over the internet.

    Modern security credentials make fraud very difficult. For someone to gain access to our online services by impersonating you in a business capacity, they would have to be using a computer on which the credential is installed. If they were to impersonate you as an individual they would have to know your password.

    Anyone associated with your business, practice, or entity must have their own AUSkey if they are dealing with us online on behalf of your Australian business number (ABN).

    To deal with us securely online, you will need to:

    • register for a secure login as an individual
    • register for an AUSkey as a business or tax professional.

    Already registered? Login to our online servicesExternal Link.

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