• Project Wickenby


    The Project Wickenby cross-agency task force plays a role in the Australian Government's fight against tax evasion, avoidance and crime.

    It was established in 2006 to protect the integrity of Australia's financial and regulatory systems by preventing people from promoting or participating in the abusive use of secrecy havens.

    With the combined efforts of eight government agencies, unprecedented international cooperation and sophisticated technology, Project Wickenby is getting results.


    For the latest Project Wickenby results as of 30 November 2013, see:

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    The task force works hard to make sure the majority of the community who do the right thing have confidence that those who try to avoid or evade paying their share of tax are brought to account.

    If you have any offshore income or assets, make sure you declare it. If you don’t declare, you could face heavy penalties or jail time. It's not worth the risk.


    A secrecy haven is a country, region or state that does not divulge information about an individual’s financial/banking affairs or structures. These arrangements may be exploited to conceal income and evade tax because they do not have effective information exchange arrangements with Australia.

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