• Tax time 2013

    We are continuing to work with you and your professional association representatives to make sure the support and information you need during this busy period is easily available.

    During Tax Time 2012, we saw a reduction in the proportion of returns containing errors relating to the completion of client details, which unnecessarily delay the finalisation of your clients’ returns. For our part, we will try to provide you with the information and tips you need to help this downward trend to continue this year.

    Key changes

    There have been a number of significant changes to tax products, tax return forms, instruction guides and requirements for Tax Time 2013:

    • an increase to the tax-free threshold
    • income test labels must be completed
    • changes to dependant tax offsets
    • changes to the private health insurance rebate
    • Australian bank account details are required when refunds are expected for individuals
    • simpler reporting for company, trust and partnership tax returns.

    Our service commitment

    During tax time, we hold regular meetings with members of the ATO Tax Practitioner Forum (ATPF) to share our progress, discuss any emerging issues and take on board your ideas.

    We will aim to finalise the majority of electronically-lodged current year:

    • individual returns within 12 business days of receipt
    • non-individual returns within 12 business days of receipt.

    Preparing for Tax Time 2013

    As part of your preparations for tax time, we recommend you:

    • check we have the correct contact details for your practice
    • update your client list on the Tax Agent Portal
    • check your clients’ lodgment due dates
    • review your fraud prevention procedures.

    We will start full processing of 2012–13 tax returns on 4 July 2013 and expect to start paying refunds from 12 July 2013.

    Before you lodge

    As you prepare your clients’ returns, it’s worth knowing how the returns will be processed through our systems, the kinds of issues that may trigger a compliance refund review, and what you can do to minimise delays in return processing. For example, returns may be delayed if the client details on the front page are incomplete or don’t match the details on our systems.

    After lodging

    You can check the status of a client’s return on the portal or get updates on the status of overall return processing and provide the relevant information to your clients. Contact us if you have concerns or questions.

    ATPF - weekly tax time 2013 key messages

    During tax time, we meet regularly with members of the ATO Tax Practitioner Forum to share mutual progress, emerging issues and ideas.

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