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Business deductions

You can claim a tax deduction for most expenses you incur in carrying on your business as long as they directly relate to earning your assessable income.
Deductions for home-based business expenses
If you operate some or all of your business from home, you may be able to claim tax deductions for home-based business expenses.
Deductions for repairs, maintenance and replacement expenses
Businesses may be able to claim for non-capital repairs, maintenance or replacement of machinery, tools or premises used to produce business income.
Deductions for salaries, wages and super
Business owners can generally claim a tax deduction for salaries and wages paid to employees and for superannuation contributions made for them and certain contractors.
Income and deductions for business
This information has been refreshed. Most income received from carrying on a business is assessable for tax purposes. You can claim deductions for expenses and may be eligible for concessions, offsets and rebates.
If your business makes a loss, you may be able to carry it forward, or offset it against other income, depending on your business structure.
Small business entity concessions
Small businesses have access to a range of tax concessions. This information will help you work out if you are a small business for an income year and what concessions you may be eligible for.