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Employment Termination Payments (ETP)

Employment termination payments
Employment termination payments (ETPs) are specific payments made to your not-for-profit organisation's employee when they stop working for you. ETPs are subject to concessional tax treatment depending on the employee’s age and length of employment.
Redundancy payments
Certain redundancy payments are tax-free up to a limit based on the number of years you worked for that employer.
Schedule 11 - Tax table for employment termination payments
Tax table for payments made to an individual as an employment termination payment or a delayed termination payment.
Schedule 7 - Tax table for unused leave payments on termination of employment
Tax table for payments made to an employee for unused leave on termination of their employment.
Taxation of termination payments
Find out how to calculate and report the tax on an employment termination payment (ETP) and other payments when an employee's employment is terminated.