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Lodgment program

BAS agent lodgment program
The BAS agent lodgment program 2017–18 includes lodgment and payment concessions when you electronically lodge eligible quarterly business activity statements, and a lodgment concession for PAYG withholding payment summary annual reports.
Due dates
Key lodgment and payment dates for 2017–18, arranged by month.
Lodgment program deferrals
Registered agents that are unable to lodge a document by the due date as a result of exceptional or unforeseen circumstances can request a lodgment deferral.
Lodgment program framework
Our lodgment program framework recognises agents who have good practice management, lodge electronically and are consistently on time.
Managing your lodgment program
The lodgment program helps you manage your workload by allowing you to progressively lodge documents throughout the year.
PAYG withholding payment summary annual report
The due date for lodgment of your clients’ annual reports depends on the class of payees included in the report. It also depends on whether a registered tax agent or BAS agent had involvement in the preparation of the report.
Prepare and lodge
Information for registered agents about preparing and lodging tax statements and returns, including the lodgment program, tax time issues and product changes.
Tax Time 2017
Find out about the key changes this tax time, our service commitment, what you can do to prepare, and things to consider before lodging to ensure your clients' tax returns are correct and to help prevent delays in processing.
Tax agent lodgment program
The Lodgment program 2017–18 details the concessional lodgment due dates provided to registered agents during the 12 months ending 30 June 2018.