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PAYG Withholding payment summaries

PAYG payment summaries: forms and guidelines
Information on how to provide PAYG payment summaries to your employees, workers, or other payees, including the different types of forms and guidelines available.
PAYG payment summary - business & personal services income
Complete this payment summary to provide details of amounts you have withheld from business and personal services income for the 2009–10 and later years. NAT 72545
PAYG payment summary - foreign employment
This is the payment summary that is provided to employees who have had amounts withheld from foreign employment income and income earned for work in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA). NAT 73297-02.2014
PAYG payment summary statement
This form is used by payers to provide us with a summary of the payment summaries that have been issued to their payees. NAT 3447