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Taxpayers' charter

Taxpayers' charter - accessing information under the Freedom of Information Act
This explains how you can obtain information from us under the Freedom of Information Act.
Taxpayers' charter - fair use of our access and information gathering powers
This describes the Commissioner of Taxation's formal powers to gather information and gain access to premises. It also explains the principles underlying our fair and professional use of these powers.
Taxpayers' charter - helping you to get things right
This details the different types of information we offer and how you can get it.
Taxpayers' charter - if you're subject to review or audit
This tells you what you can expect if you're subject to a face-to-face review or audit from us. It outlines how you'll be treated, what you can expect from us and what's expected of you.
Taxpayers' charter - treating you as being honest
Charter explanatory booklet.
Taxpayers' charter - treating you fairly and reasonably
This gives you more information about the standards of behaviour you can expect from us.
Taxpayers' charter - what you need to know
This sets out your rights and obligations and what you can expect when dealing with us. It also sets out what you can do if you are not satisfied with our decisions or actions.
Your rights and obligations
Your rights and obligations are set out in detail in the Taxpayers' charter (the charter). It is our client service charter and is for everyone who deals with us on tax, superannuation, excise and the other laws we administer. The charter sets out what you can expect when dealing with us.