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HECS or HELP debt

Bonuses, benefits and discounts
You may be able to get a benefit, bonus or discount applied to your debt depending on your specific circumstances.
Deferring repayments
You may apply to defer your compulsory repayment if you have special circumstances, such as serious hardship or you are affected by a natural disaster.
HECS-HELP benefit maximum annual amounts
Provides a list of maximum yearly HECS-HELP benefit amounts that eligible graduates and early childhood education teachers can apply for.
HELP, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL, TSL and Financial Supplement indexation rates
Indexation figure applied to accumulated HELP, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL, TSL and Financial Supplement debts which have remained unpaid for more than 11 months.
Overseas repayments
You must now repay your Higher Education Loan Program (HELP, formerly known as HECS) and Trade Support Loans (TSL) if you live overseas and are not an Australian resident for tax purposes.
Study and training support loans
As a student you pay tax on your income; deductions or offsets reduce the amount of tax you pay. Your HELP (Higher education loan program) loan is repaid through the tax system. Overseas students may need to pay tax on income they earn in Australia.
View your loan balance online
You can use our online services to view your loan account and other information, such as your payment reference number (PRN) and voluntary repayment options.
Voluntary repayments
You can make voluntary repayments at any time to help reduce your balance.