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Investigate before you invest
Investigate the legitimacy of any investment scheme promoters who invite you to put your money into a 'tax-effective' arrangement that you suspect may be too good to be true.
Investing in Australia
Foreign residents are taxed in Australia on income earned from their Australian investments. For interest, unfranked dividends and royalties, tax is generally withheld in Australia at the time of payment. But if you receive rental income from Australian properties or capital gains from selling Australian assets, you must declare these amounts in an Australian tax return.
Investing in bank accounts and income bonds
Bank interest and bonuses from income bonds are income for tax purposes, even if you are a foreign resident or the account is in a child's name.
Investing in shares
Dividends (income from shares) are considered income for tax purposes. You can claim deductions for costs related to the dividend income, such as management fees and interest on money you borrowed to buy the shares.
Investing overseas
As an Australian resident you are taxed on your worldwide income, including your income from offshore bank accounts, interests in foreign entities, rent from overseas properties and selling overseas assets. If you have paid tax on this income in another country, you can claim a foreign income tax offset in Australia.
Managed investment trusts
You must show any income or credits you receive from any managed investment product on your tax return.
Tax planning
You have the right to arrange your financial affairs so as to keep your tax to a minimum. Tax planning arrangements that go beyond the policy intent of the law and involve deliberate approaches to exploit the tax system are tax avoidance schemes. We support people who do the right thing and are fair but firm with those who don’t.
Tax-smart tips for your investment property
If you use your property to earn income at any time, you will have tax obligations and entitlements.