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People with disability

Employer or super fund invalidity and disability payments
Information about how employer and super fund invalidity and disability benefit payments are taxed.
National disability insurance scheme
If you're a participant or a nominated representative under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, payments you receive are tax free. Deductions can't be claimed for expenses incurred or assets paid for by the scheme. You may also have tax and super obligations in certain circumstances.
Our services for people with disability
We provide support services to help people with disability, including offering tax and superannuation information and products in a range of accessible formats. If you need help with your tax return, our Tax Help volunteers may be able to assist you.
Tax concessions - cars
You may be eligible to purchase a car, car parts and medical aids and appliances for your car without incurring goods and services tax (GST). If you make modifications to your luxury car to enable you to drive it or be transported in it, you may also be eligible for an exemption from luxury car tax (LCT).