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Records you need to keep

Administering and reporting
As a trustee, you will have a number of administrative obligations – for example, you will need to arrange an annual audit of your fund, keep appropriate records and report to us on the fund’s operation.
Copies of tax documents request - individuals
You or your authorised representative can use this document to request copies of tax returns, payment summaries and notices of assessment.
Keeping good investment records
Good records help you to report your income accurately and claim all the deductions to which you are entitled.
Keeping good records
Advice for trustees of a SMSF on what records to keep and why.
Record keeping
A good record keeping system will help you manage your organisation’s tax obligations and make it easier to report to us. Generally, for tax purposes, you must keep records for five years. Charities must keep records for seven years. DGRs must also adequately record all transactions relevant to their status as a DGR.
Records you need to keep
During the financial year you'll receive documents that are important for doing your tax, such as payment summaries, receipts, invoices and contracts. Generally, you need to keep these for five years.
Supporting documentation
This page lists some of the supporting documentation to verify the amounts included in your tax return.