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Tax deductible gifts

How supporters claim tax deductions
It is useful to know about how donors and contributors claim a tax deduction so you can support giving. Donors and contributors need to know how much they can claim as a tax deduction, when they claim, what records they need to keep and what other income tax matters apply.
Tax and fundraising
As an NFP organisation, whether you have to pay income tax on proceeds you receive from fundraising activities or you can claim tax deductions for your expenses depends on whether your organisation is exempt from income tax. The related transactions may be subject to GST, however, there are a range of GST concessions that may apply. If you provide benefits to an employee, you may be liable for FBT. There are requirements for DGRs that issue receipts for gifts and contributions they receive.
Tax-deductible gifts
If you receive gifts, the donor may be able to claim a tax deduction in some circumstances. To be eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts, your organisation must be a deductible gift recipient (DGR).