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Electronic lodgment service (ELS)

Before you lodge using ELS
You must obtain a declaration from your client, complete the tax agent certificate and provide your client with a copy of their notice of assessment. Your client must complete and keep a declaration along with payment summaries and receipts. If your clients would like an electronic refund, they'll need to complete the declaration form and provide their account details. Returns can be delayed for a number of reasons, including if we need to cross check data, if the client has a debt or insolvency obligation with us, or if the return is incomplete.
Electronic lodgment service
ELS essentials' provides information for registered tax agents about how to register for ELS, guide to ELS, using ELS, frequently asked questions and advanced topics including ELS software providers.
Register for ELS
To register for the ELS you need to complete the enrolment form once you have worked out what equipment you require and selected an ELS user type.