• Download our history in EPUB

    You can download onto your Mac or PC a free EPUB version (zip file, 6.24 MB) of Working for all Australians 1910-2010: A brief history of the Australian Taxation Office. You can read the file on your computer using EPUB software or transfer the file to a device that reads EPUB.

    What is EPUB?

    EPUB is short for electronic publication. It is a free and open standard format, adopted by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

    How do I read an EPUB?

    You can read EPUB files on any device with the appropriate software.

    What devices can read EPUB?

    At November 2010, EPUB can be read on the following e-reader devices:

    • Agebook+6
    • Kogan e-book reader
    • Sony e-reader
    • iRiver story
    • nook from Barnes and Noble
    • Pocketbook
    • iPad
    • Kobo e-reader from Borders

    My device is not on this list

    If you find your device cannot read EPUB files, we suggest you download the PDF version or view the HTML files. If you do not have an e-reader device, you can download software that allows EPUB to be read on computers.

    I would like another format

    As an open format file, EPUB files can be converted to a number of other file formats (for example, PDF and Microsoft Word) using various software programs. If you prefer a specific format, we suggest you download the EPUB file and convert it to the desired format using one of the many programs available online. The format conversion is limited to the programs available.

    Viewing EPUB without a reader

    To view the file without a reader use Adobe Digital Editions. This free software allows you to view this eBook both online and offline.

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