• International visitors program

    Our International visitors program provides visiting overseas revenue authorities with a clear and concise overview of our administration, programs, policies and opportunities to share best practices. In particular the program is aimed at delegations from national revenue authorities, and not private individuals, business groups, or state or local revenue authorities.

    The program is not designed as a training or technical assistance exercise but is intended to be an opportunity to exchange knowledge, intelligence and best practice.

    Applying to visit us

    The following list outlines important points to remember when you apply to visit us.

    • Your application must be submitted by an official representative of your revenue authority rather than a private company or individual acting on behalf of your revenue authority.
    • You need to submit your application at least 45 days before the date you intend to visit, unless any of the following applies
      • your visit is an addition to an existing itinerary involving visits to other government departments and will be less than one day in duration
      • your revenue authority has a shared interest with us, or there are strategic or compliance objectives that could be addressed during the visit
      • your preferred dates for visiting will be subject to availability of our officers to meet with you and our available resources to coordinate the visit.
    • Our program is designed to cater for visits of up to two days.
    • We can host visits from February to November only as our speakers are not available during December and January.
    • To get the most out of your visit, we recommend you limit your delegation to no more than 10 people and preferably no more than five if your delegation will use an interpreter. Your delegation will need to provide the interpreter if one is required.
    • If you apply to visit from a state or local revenue authority equivalent, you will need to apply to your counterpart in Australia as we do not administer the collection of state or local taxes.
    • Due to budget constraints, we cannot fund visits to our office; therefore, each country is responsible for their own costs in relation to flights, accommodation, transfers and so on. We will provide the presenters, venue, and a light lunch and refreshments on the day.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all visit requests due to resourcing constraints.

    In most cases, you will need to complete an International Visitors Program Application form which can be requested by emailing the International Relations team. This form provides us with specific information about the purpose of your visit and the topics or issues you would like us to address.

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