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  • A better online experience

    Things have changed on We've transformed every part of the website, with a wide range of improvements and new technologies, to deliver a better online experience.

    Watch our quick video to learn about the changes and new features on our website.


    ATO Community

    ATO CommunityExternal Link is our online forum where you can ask your tax and super questions, get information and assist others in a moderated and trusted environment.

    ATO Community is currently being tested as an ATO Beta trial.

    ATO Beta

    ATO BetaExternal Link provides a space to test and improve new concepts, products and services before they go live on It allows us to conduct real-world testing with the community in a safe environment, so we can make it easier for you to get your tax and super right.

    Since ATO Beta launched in 2015, tens of thousands of users have completed tests. With their help, we've been able to create better products and services for the community.

    Improvements to design and content

    Improved search

    We're always working on improving your search experience. We've made a number of improvements recently, such as refining our search functionality so you can:

    • differentiate between new and updated content
    • jump to content directly.

    You can also see suggested query searches when you type in the search field and access quick links to important products and services.

    Improved content

    We've rewritten all the content on making sure it is user-friendly, intuitive and uncomplicated. We've also removed duplication of content without taking away the information you need.

    Improved navigation

    Mega menus for each segment show the most popular topics and help you find information easily and quickly.

    Feedback tools

    We’ve implemented Qualtrics, a new feedback tool allowing us to track and improve your satisfaction. You might receive an invitation to complete a short survey telling us about your experience. Alternatively you can provide feedback on any content page — use the 'Provide Feedback' link at the bottom of the page.

    We're also using Google Analytics to help us understand how you interact with our content in real time. This data allows us to evolve our website's content and design based on your needs.

    Previous improvements

    atoTV video channel

    Prefer watching to reading? We’ve introduced our own video channel, atoTV. Instead of going to YouTube, you can watch our latest videos – minus the ads – on atoTV. What’s more, videos will contain clickable links (where appropriate) to make completing tasks on even easier

    Meet Alex

    Our virtual assistant, Alex, can help answer your general taxation enquiries; she is eager to learn and with every interaction she will continue to improve. Simply ask Alex your question and she will provide you with the information you're looking for.


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