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    Things are changing on ato.gov.au. It’s the start of something big – a new era of continuous evolution on our website, driven by your feedback, your needs and changing technology.

    Watch our quick video to learn about the changes and new features on our website.


    If you need help finding things, take a look at our before and after diagram (pdf 661kb)This link will download a file which shows what’s moved where.

    Meet Alex

    Our virtual assistant, Alex, can help answer your general taxations enquiries; she is eager to learn, and with every interaction she will continue to improve. Simply ask Alex your question and she will provide you with the information you're looking for.

    Alex, our new virtual assistant

    Release date: March 2016.

    New look

    We’ve introduced an uncluttered design with a simplified layout to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

    The new visual design displayed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

    Release date: August 2015.

    Improved navigation

    We’ve also introduced custom ‘mega menus’ to show the most popular topics. These will appear when you hover over the menu tab that best fits your circumstances (for example, ‘Individuals’ or ‘Tax professionals’).

    A sample mega menu

    Release date: August 2015.

    A better experience on mobile devices

    We’ve worked hard to ensure a smooth online experience no matter what device you’re using. You’ll find our site easier to use on smaller screens, with larger, touch-friendly buttons, user-friendly mobile menus and larger text.

    A mobile phone showing the new ato.gov.au look

    Release date: August 2015.

    atoTV video channel

    Prefer watching to reading? We’ve introduced our own video channel, atoTV. Instead of going to YouTube, you can watch our latest videos – minus the ads – on atoTV. What’s more, videos will contain clickable links (where appropriate) to make completing tasks on ato.gov.au even easier.

    An example of ATOtv on ato.gov.au

    Release date: August 2015.

    Improved content

    We've introduced a new content model, which we’ve been applying to key topics for a while now (for example, BAS and FBT). The new model includes a topic homepage, which lets you get a feel for topics at a glance and, where relevant, go straight to complete a task.

    Release date: progressively from March 2015

    Improved search

    Search results will flag new content and will show the date when content was last updated. In the future, results will also include relevant social media posts and videos. These improvements are part of our ongoing commitment to improve the ato.gov.au search function, ultimately resulting in a better search experience for you.

    We’ve also put together a list of handy tips to help you search our site more effectively.

    Release date: progressively from March 2015

    Get involved

    You'll soon be able to play an even bigger role in creating an ato.gov.au that works best for you.

    We’re launching a beta site which will allow us to test new concepts and services directly with the community on a live site. It’s called ‘iterative design’ – where we design something, test it with you, make changes (or abandon the idea) based on your feedback, and then test it all over again. It’s a thorough process that will ensure only the best ideas will become permanent fixtures on ato.gov.au

    Keep an eye on ato.gov.au for more details.

    Got questions? Here are some answers

    When are the changes happening?

    The changes will be progressively rolled out from March 2015.

    Will I need to change or load anything new?

    No. Our website is designed to work on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, although it's best viewed using the latest version of your browser. If you're using an unsupported version of your web browser (for example Internet Explorer 8 or earlier), we recommend upgrading your browser to ensure the best possible online experience.

    Why are you changing the website?

    We’ve made these changes based on your feedback. You told us our website was overwhelming and too complex, so we’ve simplified the layout and streamlined our content. We’re confident that you’ll find the website easier to navigate, so you’ll get things done faster.

    Will my bookmarks still work?

    One of the ways we’re improving our content is by rationalising and deleting duplicate information. This improves our search results and makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, but any bookmarks that point to deleted documents won’t work.

    If you find your bookmark doesn’t work, you can use the new search function or mega menus to find the latest version of the content you’re looking for.

    I can’t find what I’m looking for – where did you move that menu option?

    Take a look at our before and after diagram which shows what’s moved where.

    What if I find a broken link?

    Let us know! You can report broken links using this form. Then use our new and improved search function to find what you were originally looking for.

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