• Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2017–2019

    Commissioner's message

    I am pleased to present the ATO’s updated Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2017–2019. This plan represents our formal commitment to a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace, and it builds on the considerable progress made since the Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2015–2017.

    Our milestones and achievements in the past few years include:

    • the development of a specific Indigenous Employment Strategy to focus and detail organisational efforts in this area
    • the development of a Gender Equality Action Plan, consistent with recent APSC direction, to articulate our commitment to actions supporting cultural change
    • a significant increase in the representation of Indigenous employees
    • the implementation of a Reasonable Adjustment Passport for employees with a disability
    • the establishment of Senior Executive Service (SES) Champion networks
    • formalised employee networks to support Indigenous employees, women, people with a disability, and those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI)
    • the first ever Australian Public Service LGBTI Diversity@Work conference in 2016
    • increased numbers of women at Executive level and on the ATO Executive Committee.

    As an organisation we have a responsibility to provide a safe, inclusive and accessible workplace, where the diversity of our people is respected and appreciated.

    Not only does diversity gives us a broader range of skills and experience, diversity gives us different perspectives and capacity for greater empathy and connection with the community.

    Our plan for 2017-2019 goes above and beyond procedural fairness and legal compliance obligations; we are committed to building a workplace and workforce culture where diversity and inclusion are embraced by all ATO employees in our everyday work and conduct.

    Chris Jordan AO


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