• Schedule B - GST budget and administration activities

    Strategic costing framework

    The strategic costing framework is the ATO's primary costing attribution method across all of its activities.

    Strategic costing framework (SCF) deliverables

    1.0 Design and build administrative services

    1.4 Legal services

    1.5 Law assurance

    2.1 Registrations

    2.2 Processing and accounts

    2.3 Customer contact

    2.4 Debt collection

    3.1 Marketing and communication

    3.2 Interpretative assistance

    3.3 Provision of legal services

    3.4 Active compliance (ATO)

    3.4 Active compliance (ACBPS)

    3.5 Compliance intelligence and risk management

    3.6 Law assurance

    5.3 Government relations and issues


    Cost information against these program framework deliverables may be found in the annual GST administration performance reports provided by the ATO.

    Changes to the ATO Program Framework are reflected in the Strategic Costing Framework activities.

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