• Documenting the discussion

    Document the discussion about each indicator, including:

    • what the indicator is supposed to do
    • the expected result if the strategies are successful
    • the external factors that may affect the usefulness of the indicator.

    This will help to ensure that what the indicator actually measures is in line with the original intent.

    It also ensures that these considerations are available to others who may work with the indicators at a later date.

    Table 1: Aligning indicators to success goals

    Success goals

    Potential indicators

    The community is less tolerant of non-compliant behaviour

    Change in the:

    • number of reports received on the Tax Evasion Referral Centre
    • responses to questions relating to non-compliant behaviour in our community, business and tax practitioner perceptions surveys
    • tone of media comment relating to the non-compliant behaviour.


    Taxpayers are more compliant with their lodgment obligations

    Change in the:

    • percentage of the population that lodge their tax returns on time
    • percentage of taxpayers that lodge their activity statements by the due date.


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