• Understanding strength

    Indicators are not used in isolation to understand the extent to which a success goal has been achieved. When considered together as part of a suite, they should provide a defensible picture of the outcomes.

    Weak indicators often perform a useful function in the overall suite and should not be discounted on their strength alone. However, too many weak indicators may make it difficult to present a defensible picture - you can attempt to overcome this by exploring ways to strengthen or replace some of the indicators.

    Example: Weak and strong indicator

    Success goal

    Weak indicator

    Strong indicator

    The community displays a reduced tolerance for participation in the cash economy.

    Change in the frequency and tone of media comment relating to the cash economy.

    This indicator is weak because it is likely to be too broad to identify any real behavioural change.

    Measuring something more specific can often strengthen the indicator.

    Change in responses to specific questions in our surveys (including community, business and tax practitioner surveys).

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