• Accepting or rejecting indicators

    The validation process enables you to make informed decisions as to whether an indicator should be:

    • Accepted - if you plan to accept an indicator that has validation issues consider the impact these flaws will have on the strength of the indicator. Also consider the impact of these flaws on its value in the overall suite of indicators.
    • Rejected - if you plan to reject an indicator, consider the impact this will have on the usefulness of the overall suite of indicators. If its absence would have a detrimental effect, then consider whether there are any alternatives to fill the gap.
    • Retained for future use - generally, indicators that don't meet all of the validation requirements should be discarded. But if the flaw is only temporary, such as where a time-based indicator hasn't been in existence long enough to be able to track progress, then it should be retained for consideration in any future evaluations.
      Last modified: 13 Jan 2015QC 25789