• Painting a defensible picture

    After you have completed the validation process, you need to determine whether your suite of indicators will provide a defensible picture.

    Ask yourself whether, overall, the suite of indicators is likely to provide:

    • sufficient evidence to justify your conclusions regarding the extent of your effectiveness
    • a picture that is strong enough to withstand scrutiny and challenge.

    Consider whether your indicators will show that:

    • there has been a change in behaviour of the risk population
    • there has been a change in community confidence
    • the change has been sustained
    • your strategies have contributed to the change
    • the effect can be seen more broadly than those targeted by your strategies
    • there were any unintended consequences as a result of your strategies.

    If not, you should go back to the beginning of the indicator identification process and identify more potential indicators.

    Remember to validate any new indicators.

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