• Evaluating compliance effectiveness

    When you evaluate compliance effectiveness, you assess the extent to which your compliance strategies have resulted in positive and sustainable changes in compliance behaviour with one or more of the key compliance obligations (registration, lodgment, reporting and payment) and community confidence.

    The methodology uses indicators to provide insights into the effectiveness of our strategies because it is not always possible, practical or cost effective to use more definitive measures.

    A suite of indicators is used to identify whether or not the success goals, and ultimately the desired outcomes, have been met. This is done because no single indicator will provide sufficient information to enable you to assess the overall effectiveness of your compliance strategies in achieving your desired outcomes.

    When evaluating compliance effectiveness, you need to answer the following key questions.

    • Is there a change in compliance behaviour and/or community confidence?
    • If there has been a change, did we cause it (attribution)?

    To understand this, you need to explore behaviour at:

    • the broad or macro level to identify whether there are any observable changes
    • the strategy or micro level to determine whether those changes can be attributed to our compliance strategies.
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