• The detailed report

    You need to prepare a detailed report of the evidence that supports your conclusions. It should include:

    • the analysis results for each indicator, focusing on the specific behavioural shifts that occurred and whether these changes were evident in the wider population or restricted to the specific target group
    • a discussion of the evidence that supports your conclusion that the change in behaviour and/or community confidence can be attributed to your compliance strategies
    • whether the suite of indicators demonstrates the extent to which you've achieved each of your success goals and, ultimately, your desired outcomes.

    Where you've identified a positive shift in compliance behaviour or community confidence, you should discuss whether:

    • it is possible, at this point, to identify a sustained change - it may be too soon to determine whether a behavioural change can be sustained over the longer term
    • any unintended consequences have emerged - you should include suggestions for mitigating any negative outcomes in the future.

    In your recommendations, include any findings about:

    • which compliance strategies worked, and which didn't, and any suggestions for improvements in the future
    • whether the right mix of strategies was used to address the risk
    • whether the risk is still manifesting in the same way, or whether it has changed
    • whether more risk-assessment work is necessary to understand the risk.
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