• Our goals

    Our goals provide a four year outlook and will help us reach our vision

    Easy for people to participate

    We will design and operate the tax and superannuation systems for the majority of taxpayers who do the right thing, rather than for the few who do not.

    Where people are transparent about their tax and superannuation affairs and try to do the right thing, we will offer an experience that should result in less effort for them.

    We want the community to have confidence in our ability to address non-compliance and ensure the tax and superannuation systems are fair for everyone. For those who are not transparent or not willing to do the right thing, we will target and tailor compliance activities accordingly.

    The costs businesses incur in dealing with government, including the ATO, impact on their ability to run and grow. We will contribute to the government’s deregulation agenda by working with businesses to address irritants, unnecessary compliance costs and to deliver relevant and personalised support.

    Contemporary and tailored service

    People expect convenient and accessible service in their dealings with a contemporary service organisation.

    We will offer convenient and accessible self-service solutions. We will facilitate online services for all our clients. When direct contact is necessary we will provide various helpful and convenient personalised services, such as call-backs, click to chat, personal appointments and case conferencing.

    We will continue to expand the use of myGov, which serves as a single entry point for key government digital services. Registered clients are able to access ATO Online services to meet their tax and superannuation obligations.

    We will support businesses by making it quicker and cheaper to transact with us. In the future, businesses will have a single business account which they will access via a streamlined registration and authentication service. We will work with software providers to integrate our services with their products, enabling seamless interactions and reporting.

    Purposeful and respectful relationships

    To succeed we must have a greater connection with, and understanding of, the community, government and stakeholders.

    While a major player, we do not control all aspects of the tax and superannuation systems. Working well with stakeholders and understanding different perspectives is critical to fulfilling an effective stewardship role and ensuring that both the systems and our administration are fit for purpose for Australia now and into the future. We continue our productive relationship with the States and Territories to administer the GST.

    We will build trusted partnerships with the tax and superannuation professional community to ensure they are satisfied with the service they receive and understand the context and drivers for change.

    We are improving clients’ satisfaction with the process, service and fairness provided for disputes, including independent reviews.

    We are being transparent with clients about what we know and providing that information in a way that assists them to meet their obligations. Our consultation arrangements provide flexible and responsive mechanisms for consulting effectively.

    We are committed to working cooperatively with Treasury, the OECD and international agencies to find solutions to the broad challenges faced by the international system such as base erosion and profit-shifting and the increasingly digitalised economy.

    Professional and productive organisation

    Delivering our change agenda and business improvements is about transforming our words into actions. It is about leading and managing well, and mobilising and motivating our people.

    We will work with a variety of stakeholders as we embrace new business models for delivering our services. Our intent is to have services delivered efficiently and effectively. We are changing the way we work using a sensible approach to risk management to facilitate innovation and remove unnecessary red tape.

    Our Culture strategy outlines our desired future culture and our deliberate strategy for systematically achieving change. Our future culture needs to be about an easier, contemporary, and more responsive way of doing business. It extends to the way we work with each other, our clients, and other stakeholders.

    Our leaders will guide by example, embodying the culture to which we aspire. Our Leadership strategy outlines how we will make changes in our leadership approach, defining the new ATO culture and transforming the workforce.

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