What is expected of you

We expect you to work cooperatively with us.

You should:

  • be truthful and honest in your dealings with us
  • communicate openly with us
  • tell us as soon as possible about anything that may delay the review or audit
  • provide complete, accurate and timely responses to requests for information
  • allow us to make copies of, or take extracts from, records and documents
  • provide us with reasonable facilities and assistance - for example, we may need a desk and chair in a work area with adequate lighting and access to office equipment such as a photocopier.

You should also provide our officers with full and free access to buildings, premises, records and documents. However, this does not include records and documents that are in-confidence between you and your barrister, solicitor, or professional accounting adviser. These records or documents may be in-confidence because of legal professional privilege, or the administrative concession applying to professional accounting advisers' papers.

Note: Timely and complete responses to our requests for information will help minimise cost and inconvenience to you. If we don't have all the information, there is a risk we may adjust your assessment unnecessarily and you may need to lodge an objection.

    Last modified: 05 Jan 2016QC 27177