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  • Making an FOI request

    The easiest way to request FOI information is using the FOI request form. To make a request to access documents it must:

    • be in writing
    • state that it is a request under the FOI Act
    • provide enough information for us to identify the documents
    • specify an address to reply to.

    After you lodge your request, we must acknowledge it within 14 days. We must give you our decision and the reasons for that decision within 30 days. If this is not possible - for example, if you have asked for a large number of documents, we will seek to negotiate an extended time with you or the Australian Information Commissioner.

    If we have to consult with someone else - for example, if you ask for a document that contains information about them, we have a further 30 days to tell you our decision.

    If we do not meet these timeframes, we are deemed to have refused your request. You can then ask the Australian Information Commissioner to review our decision.

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