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  • Taxpayers' charter – what you need to know


    Australia's tax and superannuation systems are community assets and we all have a role to play in their care and maintenance. These systems underpin the way of life we enjoy in Australia.

    Members of the community play their part by fulfilling their responsibilities under the law, including being able to access benefits that may be available to them. As administrators, our role is to build the community confidence in these systems that encourage people to do the right thing.

    To foster that confidence, we need to have a relationship with the community based on mutual trust and respect. We nurture that relationship by:

    • being open, transparent and accountable in our dealings with the community
    • being professional, responsive and fair, taking into account people's circumstances and previous compliance behaviour
    • trying to make it as easy as possible for people to comply with their obligations
    • supporting those who want to properly participate in these systems
    • being firm with those who try to avoid their obligations, and effective in bringing them to account.

    The Taxpayers' charter (the charter) explains what you can expect from us in doing this, and we are committed to following it in all our dealings with you.

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