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  • Every year counts – excise

    We're working to improve your experience of the excise system based on what you told us you needed.

    Some changes will happen in the near future and others will take longer. We want to make every year count, so you'll see a program of improvements being delivered now and in the years ahead.

    Improvements in 2016–17

    In 2016–17, we will:

    • provide tailored support to businesses who are new to the Excise and Wine equalisation tax (WET) systems
    • consult with business stakeholders on the design of excise systems to provide enhanced opportunities for digital interactions in the future.

    Improvements in 2015–16

    In 2015–16, we focused on fixing the basics and delivered new, tailored services to transform how you deal with us and give you certainty about where you stand.

    We're streamlining excise interactions to give you simpler ways to enter and operate within the excise environment.

    In 2015–16, we delivered improved information, procedures and tools. For example, we:

    • streamlined excise licence application and renewal processes
    • removed permit requirements for eligible concessional spirits users
    • improved the fuel tax credits (FTC) eligibility tool and calculator and practical compliance guidelines to make it easier for you to work out and apportion your FTC claims
    • developed simpler ways to calculate FTC where you have a reasonable expectation that the total FTC entitlement for your business in the current 12-month period will be $10,000 or less
    • enabled WET clients, in specific circumstances, to correct errors in later tax periods, saving time and reducing costs.
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