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  • Every year counts – Public and Multinational businesses

    We're working to improve your experience of the tax and superannuation systems based on what you told us you needed. The blueprint outlines how the ATO is reinventing the experience you have.

    Some changes will happen in the near future and others will take longer. We want to make every year count, so you'll see a program of improvements being delivered now and in the years ahead.

    You can read more about our changes and how we're improving below or download the Every year counts timeline for public and multinational businesses (Portable Document Format 282 KB)This link will download a file.

    Improvements in 2016–17

    Here are key initiatives you've told us are important that have been or will be delivered in 2016–17:

    • Tailored compliance engagement – you will be able to easily self-assess and resolve tax risks prior to lodgment.
    • New public business taxpayer alerts – you will start to receive regular alerts warning you of our concerns about new or emerging higher risk tax arrangements so you're in a better position to make informed decisions. This will provide certainty on how the law will apply to your circumstances.
    • Depreciation made easier – you can work out your depreciation claims online using the Depreciation and capital allowances tool. The tool will incorporate an effective-life lookup and will allow you to work out depreciation claims for all of your assets, including any assets sitting in a low value pool.
    • Implementation of multinational anti-avoidance law (MAAL) – you understand the impact of this law change on your operations and, where needed, have transitioned to compliant arrangements with your foreign group. Here's more information about the Taxpayer Alert – Arrangements in response to the Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law (MAAL)
    • Corporate tax governance review guide – you have access to guidance to assist in evaluating the design, effectiveness and benchmarking of our tax risk management and governance framework. As a company director, you have access to an online Director's handbook.
    • Self-assessing compliance risk associated with marketing hubs – you can access a guide to help you self-assess the transfer pricing risk associated with your marketing hub arrangements.
    • More certainty of eligible exploration expenditure – you have access to a guide to assist in identifying eligible exploration expenditure and the evidence required to substantiate your claims.

    In addition to the experience outlined above, you may be involved in consultation and co-design activities on key improvements, such as:

    • Key taxpayer engagement approach – we will continue to work with public businesses throughout 2016–17 to design and tailor our approach.
    • Contemporary online excise – we are working with excise payers and representatives to co-design a contemporary online excise experience.

    Improvements in 2015–16

    In 2015–16, we focused on fixing the basics and delivered new, tailored services to transform how you deal with us and give you certainty about where you stand.

    We've been working with you and your advisers to deliver personalised service based on your size, complexity, behaviour and choices. To help you get your tax and super right. We're transparent about what we know about your affairs, so you know where you stand.

    In 2015–16, we delivered:

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