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  • Every year counts – tax agents and BAS agents

    We're working to improve your experience of the tax and superannuation systems based on what you told us you needed. The blueprint outlines how the ATO is reinventing the experience you have.

    Some changes will happen in the near future and others will take longer. We want to make every year count, so you'll see a program of improvements being delivered now and in the years ahead.

    You can read more about our changes and how we're improving below or download the Every year counts timeline for tax agents and BAS agents (Portable Document Format 403 KB)This link will download a file.

    Improvements in 2016–17

    Here are key initiatives you've told us are important that have been or will be delivered in 2016–17:

    • Talking with you more – you have more opportunity to talk to ATO staff at an increasing number of open forums, online forums and through professional associations and software developer events.
    • Knowing what is changing and getting involved – you know what is changing for tax professionals in 2016–17 and what support is available to help you.
    • A simpler BAS experience – you may be asked to test the simpler BAS for your client. This is designed to reduce your clients' GST record keeping by having fewer GST labels to complete.
    • Increased certaintyExternal Link through safe harbours – you have increased certainty for your clients on tax and superannuation issues because we provide clear boundaries within which you can operate.

    In addition to the experiences outlined above, you may be involved in consultation and co-design activities on the following key improvements:

    • New credentials – You will have new ways to access online services securely, such as on your mobile devices to manage tax and super on behalf of your clients.
    • Involvement in the design of concepts  
      • We are co-designing with professional associations and software developers to enhance the delivery of tax and superannuation services for agents and the community, including the Working Together Framework and the Partnership Relationship Model.
      • Tax and BAS agents will be able to provide input through their professional association representative or through a collaboration website.

    Improvements in 2015–16

    In 2015–16, we focused on fixing the basics and delivered new, tailored services to transform how you deal with us.

    You are our partners in the tax and superannuation systems. We've increased our support, focusing on how we work together and adapt to the changing environment to ensure tax and super services are delivered by the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

    Here's some of the improvements we delivered in 2015–16:

    • a new lodgment service for Tax Time 2016.
    • new services in your practice management software, including better visibility of your clients' mail 
    • making it easier to authenticate without an AUSkey when using SBR-enabled online (cloud) software
    • real-time notifications of portal outages, system enhancements and planned changes.
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