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  • Access, accountability and reporting

    As the government's principal revenue collection agency and a key part of the Treasury portfolio, we manage and shape the tax, excise and superannuation systems that fund services for Australians. We report our outcomes to parliament and we inform the community about how we achieve these outcomes.

    We regularly consult with taxpayers as well as business and professional associations, all of whom offer valuable feedback about how we operate and ways we can improve.

    We provide ready access to information to:

    • enhance transparency
    • demonstrate our accountability and efficiency
    • develop trust and respect.

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    • Refer to Guide to correcting mistakes and disputing decisions if you are looking for more information because you:
      • disagree with our decisions
      • need to fix mistakes that we or you have made
      • want to tell us about previously undisclosed income, incorrectly claimed deductions or misleading statements you have made
      • need to ask for penalties or interest charges to be reduced or cancelled.    
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