02. Developing ICT efficiency and agility



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Intelligent and agile in a changing digital world

The ATO IT strategy was released in July 2014 and outlines the direction for future IT investment and operations in the ATO. It aligns those investments with our vision, mission, goals and strategies.

The new strategy deliberately takes a longer term view of the ATO’s needs and challenges. It incorporates thinking about concepts such as compliance and participation, the client experience, being contemporary, and sustainability. Redefining our approach to IT is a key element that both underpins and helps drive the transformational program.

Our IT focus is on building the right technology capabilities, operating environment and culture to support this transformation – to become intelligent and agile in a changing digital world.

  • There are four key strategic focus areas of the IT strategy:
  • end-to-end digital service delivery
  • insight and intelligence
  • digital working environment
  • reinventing how our IT services operate

The strategy will guide how the ATO operates internally to effectively manage change. It will also guide the ATO in how it in reaches out to deliver our products and services to internal and external clients.

Digital service in a digital age

A draft ATO Digital Service Strategy has been developed which describes how the ATO will deliver contemporary services to meet client expectations in a rapidly evolving environment.

The strategy recognises the diversity of the clients we serve and our challenge to provide a complete digital service offer that meets the breadth of their needs and expectations.

We have developed a set of Service Delivery Principles that describe the key characteristics of our future service offering. They are outcome-focused, reflecting known contemporary client expectations:

  • Whole-of-government
  • Digital by default
  • Citizen centric
  • Security, confidence and certainty
  • Natural systems

Successful implementation of this strategy will allow us to reposition the ATO to being an enabler of a system that simplifies and adds value for our clients as they carry out their transactions.

The strategy describes how we will invest our resources in the most strategically preferred and cost effective channels.

Services will be differentiated to suit particular clients where appropriate, with a number of initiatives already in place, including: (Fig. 2)

  • myGov and myTax
  • mobile apps
  • voice authentication
  • Small Business Assist
  • after hours call back
  • the Small business newsroom

Before closing or limiting the availability of non-digital channels, we will carefully review and plan to ensure clients who still have a preference or need for a non-digital option are not disengaged from the tax system.

Fig. 2 – The steps we have already made

Fig. 2 – The steps we have already made.

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