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  • Domains where our information exists


    Client and risk

    Tax interpretation and administration

    Agency management and administration

    External environment

    The client and risk domain includes information we hold about our clients. This information includes data derived from transactions processing as well as intelligence gathered from client contact, and data which has been derived from analytics, risk differentiation and data matching with third party sources.

    This domain contains information about the legal framework that governs the revenue system. It contains specialist expertise in tax legal interpretation and advice, and includes public and private binding rulings, legal interpretations and all advice that we provide to clients. This information includes that which is provided in correspondence, publications, online, through face-to-face contact and through the call centres.

    This domain includes all information about our internal operations, including our workforce, budget and financial management, resource management, conformance and performance reporting, outcome and output reporting, and regulatory compliance.

    The external environment domain contains information about external issues that affect our understanding and management of the revenue system. This includes information from and about external stakeholders and partners, economic indicators, industry trends and other government agency relationships. Where possible, information is sourced from natural systems.


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