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  • Enhancing our capability

    Developing our people

    We manage information as part of our core business. We develop and maintain skills and understanding in how to effectively manage information assets and processes in the digital age.

    Depending on their role, this may include:

    • understanding our responsibilities to manage information under legislation and regulations
    • authoring and saving new information so it can be found again and is accessible for use
    • searching and finding information
    • researching content to identify valuable resources and gain understanding
    • understanding the authority, credibility and reliability of an information source
    • determining the authenticity, accuracy, relevance and currency of the information we acquire
    • understanding and using common terms and language
    • using quality information to undertake analysis and make evidence based decisions
    • sharing information and collaborating with others for mutual benefit
    • keeping information secure and maintaining confidentiality
    • understanding and managing the risks
    • using information to effectively communicate a situation and present solutions
    • valuing and respecting other people’s intellectual property
    • delivering information services and products to stakeholders, citizens and clients
    • retaining records and legally disposing of what we don’t need
    • measuring and reporting on how well we manage our information.

    Enabling our people to work smarter

    Our people are provided with the systems, support and advice they need to manage the information assets they create, capture, share, protect and use.


    We identify requirements for our information management systems to ensure:

    • accessibility
    • privacy
    • security
    • appropriate retention
    • accountability
    • transparency.

    We work towards better integrating our systems with business activities to make it easy for people to participate and comply.


    Our people are provided with the understanding, training, skills, tools and procedures that they need to manage our information assets. These are delivered from a range of areas across the ATO by subject matter experts.


    We provide reporting and advice to the executive to ensure that our information management activities are effective and meet the needs of government and clients as well as our obligations under the relevant legislation, regulations and whole of government policies. This includes supporting decision making on information management practices and investment in solutions and technology.

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