• Women and super

    With the ultimate aim of improving retirement incomes for all Australians we aim to simplify the super system and make it easier for people to engage with their super.

    We conducted research in 2013 that showed there was a substantial gap between the retirement savings of women compared to men in Australia.

    We also found that this issue was gaining momentum in terms of receiving substantial media coverage. It was also being given attention by super funds and other financial organisations.

    From this research, we developed a strategy focussed on women and super.

    There are many reasons for this gap. These include career breaks to raise children, working part-time to care for children and pay inequality. As a result, many women rely on the government Age Pension as their main source of retirement income.

    Our goals were to raise women’s awareness on the importance of saving for the future and show them how they can take steps to sort out and grow their super with a ‘5-step super check’. Our target audience was women age 25–49 years. A combination of strategic social media, proactive media and paid advertising was used to ensure maximum reach for the target audience. We also promoted the key messages to women from diverse audiences such as Indigenous and non-English speaking background audiences.

    The strategy used general key messages for women at any stage of life, and was created to be easy-to-understand. Our aim was to, encourage women to ‘Do the 5-step super check’.

    We undertook the following activities to promote the key messages to women (our target audience):

    • An ATO representative spoke at the Women’s Super Summit in February 2014, hosted by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) and Women in Super (WIS).
    • A paid advertising campaign from 9–29 March 2014, to coincide with International Women’s Day. The campaign was conducted online and via social media channels. Women in the target audience are high users of these channels. They also represented value for money compared to other channels.
    • Proactive media – mainstream and niche publications, including women’s magazines, published articles promoting the 5-step super check.
    • Our PR team also conducted activities to support the campaign (for example, via Twitter and the newly opened ATO LinkedIn channel).

    We used several types of innovative paid advertising that were new to our campaigns:

    • contextual keyword advertising – when readers hovered over highlighted keywords on a network of approved websites, either our ad or video popped up
    • info-graphic seeding – via popular women’s blogs and ‘social amplification’
    • LinkedIn advertising – targeting women who recently changed jobs or industry.

    The following key activities were successful against benchmarks and the government media buyer Universal McCann (UM) recommended using them in our future campaigns.

    Digital and online video

    • Campaign ads delivered over 12 million ‘impressions’.
    • There were over 10,000 clicks on ads that went through to our 5-step super web page, resulting in a 0.08% ‘click through rate’ (this was above the industry average of 0.05% for previous campaigns).
    • Our 5-step super check video for women was viewed over 26,000 times through a technique called video seeding. The views have increased to over 30,000 ‘organically’ since then.

    Social media

    • Campaign Facebook posts delivered 2.8 million impressions led to over 14,000 views of our 5-step super web page and 10,000 social interactions (likes, comments, shares etc).
    • Coverage in popular women’s blogs and websites resulted in about 22,000 article views, over 3,000 social interactions and also reached a further 190,000 through email newsletters.
    • We also achieved a reach of about 188,000 with 5 ATO tweets.

    Proactive media  

    • There were 19 items of media coverage in a variety of publications, including popular women’s magazines such as Woman’s Day and Women’s Fitness.
    • Total readership of all these publications is around 2.5 million.

    ATO website

    There were over 37,000 views of our 5-step super check web page over the 3 week campaign period.

    The success of our campaign was also recognised with a Highly Commended Award at the MoneySmart Week 2014 awards where judges commented that the campaign leveraged audiences at already well-known events to increase the reach of the campaign and encourage behavioural change.

    The outcome for the campaign was to generate awareness of the key messages among the target audience. All the indicators of reach, which infer an increase in awareness in the target audience, were strong in this campaign. Some of the activities also led to high levels of social interaction.

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