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  • Our scrutineers

    Scrutineers are government-appointed entities that examine various aspects relating to how we administer Australia's tax and superannuation systems. The professional and cooperative relationship we have with these scrutineers – the audit office, the ombudsman, the inspector-general, the information commissioner, the privacy commissioner and the freedom of information commissioner – is an important part of sustaining community and government confidence in our administration. Their scrutiny helps us continuously improve our administration.

    Our governance process helps gain maximum benefit from our scrutineers' recommendations. Through this process, we develop implementation plans, monitor progress, evaluate evidence, report to the ATO Audit Committee and then publish the outcomes.

    Our integrity framework sets out the behaviours, values and ethics that underpin the policy, processes and procedures for our work. The framework, complemented by our governance and planning processes, makes our integrity visible and measurable and helps us honour our commitment to being an open and accountable organisation.

    Find out about our scrutineers:

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