• Inspector-General of Taxation

    The Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT)External Link is an independent statutory office that identifies systemic issues in the administration of tax law. They review elements of our administration against principles of good tax administration - such as simplicity, transparency and efficiency. The IGT provides independent advice to government.

    The Inspector-General strives to improve the administration of the tax laws for the benefit of all taxpayers. To ensure reviews reflect areas of key concern to the Australian community, the IGT develops a work program based on consultation with stakeholders, including taxpayers and their representatives, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Auditor-General and the Commissioner of Taxation.

    From 1 May 2015, the tax complaint handling role was transferred from the Commonwealth Ombudsman to the IGT as a way to enhance the systemic review role of the IGT and provide taxpayers with specialised and focussed tax complaints handling for tax matters.

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