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  • Program structure

    Our program structure changed in 2012–13 to include a new program for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. As a result there were some minor changes to other program numbers.

    Figure 1.2 Our program structure, at 30 June 2013


    Confidence in the administration of aspects of Australia's taxation and superannuation systems through helping people understand their rights and obligations, improving ease of compliance and access to benefits, and managing non-compliance with the law.

    Program 1.1

    Australian Taxation Office

    Program 1.2

    Tax Practitioners Board

    The objective of the Tax Practitioners Board is to ensure tax agent services are provided to the public in accordance with appropriate standards of professional and ethical conduct.

    (see Tax Practitioners Board)

    Program 1.3

    Australian Business Register

    The ABR provides an authoritative and trusted source of business identity information and issues the Australian Business Number (ABN) to uniquely identify businesses and streamline government and business interaction.

    (see Australian Business Register)

    Program 1.4

    Australian Valuation Office

    The AVO aims to provide independent, impartial and fee-competitive valuation services and advice on behalf of the Australian Government.

    (see Australian Valuation Office)

    Program 1.5

    Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

    The ACNC aims to provide independent determination of charity, public benevolent institution and not-for-profit status for all Commonwealth purposes.

    (see Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission)

    Programs 1.6–1.22

    Administered Programs

    1.6 Product stewardship for oil program

    1.7 Cleaner fuels grant scheme

    1.8 Australian screen production incentive

    1.9 Research and development tax incentive

    1.10 Private health insurance rebate

    1.11 Superannuation co-contribution scheme

    1.12 Superannuation guarantee scheme

    1.13 Fuel tax credits scheme

    1.14 Education tax refund

    1.15 National urban water and desalination plan

    1.16 National rental affordability scheme

    1.17 First home saver accounts

    1.18 Baby bonus

    1.19 Interest on overpayments and early payments of tax

    1.20 Bad and doubtful debts and remissions

    1.21 Low income superannuation contribution

    1.22 Other administered

    (see Administered expenses and programs)

    Program component 1.1.1

    Our expertise supports government priorities and encourages community participation.

    (see Working with government, other agencies and internationally and Revenue collection)

    Program component 1.1.2

    We support people willing to participate and make it as easy as possible for them to fulfil their responsibilities at minimum cost.

    (see Supporting willing participation)

    Program component 1.1.3

    We support and protect people by dealing with those not willing to comply.

    (see Ensuring fairness for the community and Securing retirement income)

    The Tax Practitioners Board and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission prepare their own annual reports and are not covered in this report.
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