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  • Australian Business Register

    The Australian Business Register (ABR) is a national database of information collected when businesses and other organisations register for an Australian business number (ABN). This identifier, together with AUSkey and Standard Business Reporting (SBR), facilitates streamlined electronic business interactions with government in a growing digital Australia.

    • Registered over 636,000 ABNs and cancelled over 485,000 ABNs for entities no longer entitled to registration, including client-initiated ABN cancellations from around 131,000 entities
    • Received 372.9 million searches on the ABN Lookup facility
    • Commenced implementation of the Towards a Better Business Future initiative
    • Developed a plain English version of the Australian reporting dictionary to make the common reporting language used by SBR more accessible to government, business and software developers
    Looking ahead
    • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of ABR data, providing information required by government to support policy implementation and development
    • Strengthen the AUSkey solution to enhance its security, increase its acceptance by government and broaden its use by business
    • Develop a robust case for businesses to use SBR
    • Implement SBR as the standard platform for superannuation transactions under super reform
    • Make available a greater range of information about ABN holders to eligible government agencies
    • Commence the Reducing Business Costs initiative
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