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  • Registrar's review

    In an environment of increasing complexity and regulation by all levels of government, the ABR, AUSkey and SBR are becoming increasingly important.

    The ABR helps government agencies to better understand businesses and to use the information to develop strategies that better meet business needs and achieve policy objectives. For example, the ABR data has been used to identify businesses needing assistance during times of crisis, such as during the Queensland floods and the Tasmanian bushfires.

    This year, we improved the integrity of ABR data and further funding to build on that work was announced in the 2012–13 Budget.

    We worked extensively with software developers on the transition of the ATO electronic lodgment service to SBR. We worked to implement the government's decision to use the SBR standard for superannuation reform. At the same time, we have seen an increase in both the number of software developers investing in making SBR accessible through their accounting software, and of lodgments using the system.

    The machinery-of-government move of SBR policy from Treasury to the Registrar of the ABR, brings together the policy and operations arms. It provides the opportunity to better influence government policy to improve uptake of SBR, and realise growth in business, government and software developer engagement.

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