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  • Prosecutions

    We take strong action to combat tax crime to ensure our tax and superannuation systems are fair for everybody. This may involve action against those who perpetrate, facilitate or choose to engage in deliberate abuses of the tax and superannuation systems. Our firmest strategies are criminal investigations and prosecution action.

    During the year, there were 44 matters (referred by us) where successful prosecution action was taken by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Sentences ranged from good behaviour bonds to an imprisonment sentence of 10 years with a non-parole period of six years. Reparation orders of $3.5 million were also obtained.

    There is a range of matters which we prosecute, such as not complying with tax return lodgment requirements, making false or misleading claims on ATO forms, keeping false records and not attending the ATO to answer questions when required to do so.

    In 2012–13, we prosecuted nearly 1,400 individuals and 550 companies. Fines totalling more than $7.7 million were imposed and reparation orders of $138,000 were obtained.

    We continue to obtain international data naming Australians engaged in the use of secrecy jurisdictions. We are working collaboratively on one particular data set with the United Kingdom and United States revenue authorities and, to date, have shared information with 15 other jurisdictions in the Asia–Pacific region. This cross-border collaboration has identified the involvement of more Australians in such arrangements and these arrangements will be subject to ongoing follow-up work.

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