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  • Business benchmarks

    Small business benchmarks are developed using income tax return and business activity statement data and help businesses compare their performance against the rest of their industry. They are also one of the tools we use to identify businesses that may not be reporting all their income. We have now benchmarked over 100 industries, covering over one million businesses.

    In 2010–11, we wrote to 30,000 businesses that were outside the benchmark for their industry. In the following year, 17% of them moved to within or below the benchmark for their industry. This was accompanied by a 68% increase in their average taxable income on their subsequent income tax return. In addition, those in the subsequent year that remained above the benchmark for their industry reported an additional average 53% in their taxable income.

    We offer 13 webinar topic modules specifically for people just starting a business or thinking about starting a new business or those wanting to update their knowledge.

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