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  • Data-matching

    We are continuing to expand and enhance our data matching strategies to assist the community in meeting their obligations under self-assessment, including through programs such as our pre-filling service.

    Using data from an expanding range of sources, we matched in excess of 651 million transactions against information held by us which helped us identify where individuals and businesses may not have reported all of their income. Around 449,000 reviews and audits were conducted as a result of our data-matching activities.

    In addition to the direct revenue raised through our data matching compliance activities, indirect revenue effects are also achieved. Over the last five years, the cumulative indirect revenue attributable to these strategies was $3.1 billion. In 2012–13, indirect revenue totalled $1.3 billion and included:

    • over 892,000 taxpayers, who as a result of being subject to an information-matching audit, were fully compliant in subsequent years, resulting in additional revenue of approximately $514 million
    • around 208,600 taxpayers who received a low-value-discrepancy warning letter became fully compliant in subsequent years, resulting in additional revenue of $22 million
    • 2.9 million taxpayers who were non-compliant, but subsequently reported all of their income as a result of our pre-filling service, resulting in an estimated $787 million additional revenue.
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