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  • Resolving disputes

    Our approach is to resolve disputes early where we can, avoiding litigation where possible.

    • Piloted in-house facilitators to help negotiations between taxpayers and tax officers in less complex GST objections
    • Out of 16.2 million tax returns lodged, only 962 cases were lodged in courts or tribunals and only 185 cases proceeded to a decision after a full hearing
    • Announced a new independent review process for income tax disputes for large businesses, effective from 1 July 2013
    • Extended mediation by experts (such as former judges) for resolving complex disputes
    Looking ahead
    • Increasingly use alternative dispute resolution in more complex cases and at earlier points in the dispute process
    • Greater use of independent advisors for settlements and alternative dispute resolution
    • More effective use of intelligence from independent review and dispute resolution processes to improve our decision making at audit
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