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  •  Contemporary service

    We are committed to providing quality, timely and contemporary services for taxpayers by reducing the cost of compliance and making it easier for people to deal with us. We will provide an integrated digital experience so transactions can be easily completed electronically (rather than on paper), in real-time and at taxpayers' convenience, while providing taxpayers with certainty of outcome.

    We are working with government agencies to build a seamless 'one-stop-shop' of digital services called myGov. From early 2014, this will allow individuals to access government services and receive secure electronic communications from multiple agencies in one place. Registered myGov users will be able to link their individual ATO account to the myGov entry point.

    Tailoring our services and interactions to suit taxpayer needs is an ongoing focus. We want to make use of the systems that taxpayers already operate within, to make meeting tax obligations more seamless, with reduced, little or no effort required.

    A Tax Time 2013 app was released for use by individual taxpayers which provides secure access via a smart device (smart phone or tablet) to online information and an electronic progress-of-income-tax-return tool. Later in 2013, we will be releasing an app for small business. We will continue to enhance our online service by providing a facility to book a call or click for an online chat.

    During Tax Time 2013, we are also testing an after-hours call-back service for businesses, so people can talk to us at a time that suits them.

    Voice authentication or voice prints will start to be introduced in early 2014, providing stronger security and protection against potential fraud, and easier and quicker taxpayer identification.

    For Tax Time 2014, we plan to offer a tailored lodgment service for individuals with simple tax affairs. Using third-party data, individuals will receive a completed tax return, which will be automatically finalised if no changes are required. We aim to provide other third-party pre-filling for individuals with more complex tax affairs and businesses.

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