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  • Online products and assistance

    In June 2013, we launched our redeveloped website (, which offers greater flexibility and supports future changes and innovations in online services.

    Our online assistance included:

    • releasing our ATO Tax 2013External link app which provides links to tax information
    • updating online tools and calculators to reflect legislative changes
    • releasing our digital magazine, taxtime.

    We use social media such as TwitterExternal Link, FacebookExternal Link and YouTubeExternal Link to provide information about tax and superannuation, respond to enquiries, and direct people to relevant information on our website.

    We now have over 13,700 Twitter and over 7,300 Facebook followers and received over 55 million visits to our website during the year.

    In June 2013, we launched taxtime a new digital magazine for tablet devices which gives taxpayers the information they need to do their tax return. In the first two months following its release, taxtime was downloaded more than 7,700 times.

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